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Who can manage a class?

xWho can manage a class?

The person in charge of managing a class is called the Class Manager.

The Class Manager is the most important role on KlassKit because they're in charge of it all-creating events, approving class membership, and moderating the class page. If you fall into any of the following categories, you would likely be a good candidate for Manager:

  •  You are or were class president (or head of student government)
  •  You are the person in charge of organizing class events (like proms or reunions)
  •  You are the unofficial class leader. As in,the person who keeps everyone in my class connected and up to speed on things.

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With a FREE Manager account, you can:
  • Create a page for your current or former graduating class
  • Plan reunions, dances, and other events
  • Easily collect ticket payments online using PayPal
  • Post class news,important dates,and photos/videos
  • And more!

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Who can join a class?

xWho can join a class?


For most people, joining a class is the way to go. It's meant for normal Class Members who don't have class management responsibilities. So unless you're the head of student government or in charge of running your class, you'll want to join your class and become a Class Member.

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With a FREE Member account, you can:
  • Buy tickets to dances and reunions online
  • Connect with classmates
  • Stay up on school news, events and info
  • Contribute to class discussions and photo galleries
  • And more!

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Dude, Where's My Class?

If your class isn't on KlassKit, send a recommendation to your class president, class planner, or other class leader. If that's you, then create your class now.

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