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Whether you're still in school or graduated, use KlassKit to manage your high school or college graduating class in a whole new way - stay organized, save time, and do more than you ever could before.

xClass Managers Vs Class Members
Class Managers

In a nutshell, Class Managers run the show. They are in charge of the class account - creating events, approving class membership, moderating class discussions, and more.

Managers usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • They are (or were) class president or other member of student government
  • They are (or will be) the person in charge of organizing class events (like proms or reunions)
  • They're the unofficial class leader. As in, the person who keeps everyone in your class connected and up to speed on things.
Class Members

If you don't fit the description of a Class Manager, then you're probably a Class Member. Members are part of the class but aren't in charge of running it. Most people fall into this category.

Class Members join classes that are created and run by the Class Manager. They have the ability to access the class page and use all its features, buy event tickets, communicate with other classmates, and manage their own individual profiles.

What is a Class Manager?

Every class has a Class Manager that's in charge of creating and managing the class account. As the Class Manager you will be in charge of creating events, moderating discussions, approving membership, posting news, and more.

While in school, the Class Manager is usually the head (or a member) of student government. After graduation, it's usually the person in charge of planning reunions. The important thing is that it's always the person in charge of running the class and its events.

Learn about Class Managers vs. Class Members

xAccepting Onlline Payments

Collecting ticket payments is a big pain in the calculator. No more! KlassKit makes accepting online payments fast, easy, and secure.

  • Accept credit card payments
    Accept payments from all major credit cards and bank accounts through PayPal.(PayPal accounts aren't required)
  • Get your money instantly
    All Payments go directly to your PayPal account. We don't touch your money or make you wait for it.
  • Pay less in fees
    Accept as unlimited number of online payments for an event for only $5! KalssKit does not take a percentage, but keep in mind that PayPal will take their standard fee. Learn about PayPal fees here.
  • Stay organized
    Payment info is automatically updated for you. No more keeping track of who paid

Manager Features

With our easy-to-use group management tool, you can:

Post news and alerts, send mass emails and notifications, and manage your class calendar.
Manage events
Update and share event info, keep track of who's attending and who's paid, post event photos and videos, easily collect payments online, and track other payments made by check or cash.
Build community
Engage your class by joining class discussions, posting photos and videos, creating custom polls, and more.
Stay in control
Manage class membership, moderate class discussions, monitor class photos and videos, set account restrictions, and accept/reject member profile info.
Get help
Appoint Assistant Managers to help with management tasks and control their access privileges
...and more!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! With a free KlassKit account, you can take advantage of almost every KlassKit feature. The only feature that isn't free is accepting online payments. But don't fret, it's optional and only costs five bucks per event. We don't charge per ticket or take percentages. We keep it simple and affordable.

And it gets better. When you first sign up your class, you get the online payment feature free for three months with unlimited events!